How do I subscribe to the premium plan?

You can go to the 'Pricing' page and click 'Subscribe' under the plan you want.
Please login first before continuing. Then you need to make a payment according to the plan price.
After payment is made, please screenshot and attach it on the payment page to confirm that you have made the payment.
We will process your payment and activate the subscription on your account within 24 hours.

How do usages work?

If you create a link and use any of the pro features, it will count as 1. For example, you create a WhatsApp link and with the custom back name feature, so it's 1 usage. You can create unlimited links without any pro features.

What's the WhatsApp Rotator feature?

This is an absolute must if you have multiple sales staff or agents and you want to give everybody a chance to be contacted.

Use this feature to add all your agents/staff WhatsApp numbers into one Custom back name of your choice, and the next time your link is pressed, that potential customer will be contacting the next agent/staff's WhatsApp number down the list. Doing so will let all your agents/staff get an equal opportunity to be contacted!

Try it out here!


My Country Code is not available to select! Why?

If you country code is not available to be selected, please press the Help button and chat with us. We'll be more than happy to add it in if there are sufficient users from your country.